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What Is Car Parking? Different types Of Car Parking

What Is Car Parking? Different types Of                            Car Parking
To have a Car has become supreme necessity then status symbol. The problem of car parking is ever increasing issue in the City of Mumbai as the numbers of cars are increasing day by day.
The Housing Societies are allowed to frame their own parking rules. This is to restrict non-members from parking inside the society premises. The rule of thumb is that no member will be eligible for allotment of more than one stilt / covered parking space per flat. If any slots remain vacant for want of applicants, which is sometimes the case for open parking; a second parking space may be allotted to interested members. This procedure is supposed to be followed on an annual basis, provided the empty slots are not required by a member who is yet to bag even one designated parking space. Let us have detailed know-how about various types of car parking and its rules.
STILT: A pair of poles with foot-rests, enabling the user to walk with feet at a   distance above the ground; piles or posts on which a building stands.
OPEN: Means an area forming an integral part of a site left open to the sky.
AUTOMATED: Automated Car Parking is a method of automatically parking and retrieving cars that typically use a system of pallets and lifts. The intention is to compact more cars in the same space, reduce the space needed to park the same number of cars. Automated car parks can be situated above or below ground or a combination of both.
GARAGE: Private – A building for housing a motor vehicle or vehicles. An establishment which sells fuel or which repairs and sells motor vehicles.
GARAGE: Public –  It means a building or portion thereof , designed other than as a private garage, operated for gain, designed and or used for repairing, servicing, hiring, selling or storing or parking motor driven or other vehicles.
PUBLIC PARKING: Under DC Rule 33(24), new constructions on a plot of over 1,000 sq mtrs in the island city and over 2,000 sq mts in the suburbs can get FSI of up to 4 if the developer constructs over 50 parking lots and hands them over to the BMC for free. Following this, many builders had come forward to avail the extra FSI. However, the Development Control (DC) Rules restrict the construction of such parking lots up to ground plus four floors.

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