Monday, September 30, 2013

Time management: Tips to reduce stress and improve productivity

Effective time management is a primary means to a less stressful life. These practices can help you reduce your stress and reclaim your personal life.
Do you find yourself overwhelmed by the number and complexity of projects that need to be completed at work each day? As the day flies by, do you often feel as if you haven't paid enough attention to each task because other tasks keep landing on your desk, co-workers interrupt you with questions or you can't get it all organized?By managing your time more wisely, you can minimize stress and improve your quality of life.

·         Plan each day. Planning your day can help you accomplish more and feel more in control of your life. Write a to-do list, putting the most important tasks at the top. Keep a schedule of your daily activities to minimize conflicts and last-minute rushes.
·         Prioritize your tasks. Time-consuming but relatively unimportant tasks can consume a lot of your day. Prioritizing tasks will ensure that you spend your time and energy on those that are truly important to you.
·         Say no to nonessential tasks. Consider your goals and schedule before agreeing to take on additional work.
·         Delegate. Take a look at your to-do list and consider what you can pass on to someone else.
·         Take the time you need to do a quality job. Doing work right the first time may take more time upfront, but errors usually result in time spent making corrections, which takes more time overall.
·         Break large, time-consuming tasks into smaller tasks. Work on them a few minutes at a time until you get them all done.
·         Practice the 10-minute rule. Work on a dreaded task for 10 minutes each day. Once you get started, you may find you can finish it.
·         Evaluate how you're spending your time. Keep a diary of everything you do for three days to determine how you're spending your time. Look for time that can be used more wisely. For example, could you take a bus or train to work and use the commute to catch up on reading? If so, you could free up some time to exercise or spend with family or friends.
·         Limit distractions. Block out time on your calendar for big projects. During that time, close your door and turn off your phone, pager and email.
·         Get plenty of sleep, eat a healthy diet and exercise regularly. A healthy lifestyle can improve your focus and concentration, which will help improve your efficiency so that you can complete your work in less time.
·         Take a time management course. If your employer offers continuing education, take a time management class. If your workplace doesn't have one, find out if a local community college, university or community education program does.
·         Take a break when needed. Too much stress can derail your attempts at getting organized. When you need a break, take one. Take a walk. Do some quick stretches at your workstation. Take a day of vacation to rest and re-energize.

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Thursday, September 26, 2013

How To Buy Commercial Real Estate.

If you already understand the risks involved when you buy commercial real estate, then several important factors should be taken into account when investing either your or your company’s money into a commercial property.
The following sections cover some of the more important items to consider before you buy commercial real estate. A professional commercial real estate agent can provide you with further advice.
Those who buy commercial real estate regularly know that location is a key determinant of whether or not the purchase will ultimately turn out to be successful.
Most renters and corporate owners of commercial real estate want to be located as close as possible to their clients, employees, suppliers and vendors in order to minimize transport costs and maximize exposure to customers.
If you plan on renting to a business, make sure the commercial property is either attractive to potential renters or can be economically improved to be attractive.
Take the time to assess carefully how much repair the property requires before it can be effectively used or rented out, how much those repairs are likely to cost and how long they should take to be completed.

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Tuesday, September 10, 2013

Article On Best Real Estate Consultants In Western Region

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Aasha Realtors Kalpesh Shah
                         Neeta Shah 

We The Aasha Realtors have been nominated as One Of  Best Real Estate Consultants In Western Region

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Real Estate Terms And It's Meaning (S, T, U, V, W, X, Y, Z)

Aasha Realtors Neeta Shah
Aasha Realtors Neeta Shah 

The frame in which a pane of glass is set to form a window.

Second Mortgage
A mortgage that, on the sale of a property, is paid off only when the first mortgage is paid.

The property that is pledged as collateral.

Seller’s Market
When demand for property is greater than supply. The result is greater opportunities for owners who may find someone willing to offer the asking price or even a figure greater than the asking price.

Also called Duplex. A type of construction where two buildings are attached together by a common wall.

Service (the loan)
The period, normally monthly, collection of mortgage interest and principal repayment and other related expenses, such as property taxes and property insurance.

The sale of a property is finalized by the legal representatives of the vendor and the purchaser, mortgage documents come into effect, costs are paid and the new owner takes possession of the property and receives the keys.

Thin pieces of wood or other material set in overlapping rows to form a roof or wall cladding.

The horizontal section of material at the base of a window opening.

A roof shape consisting of a single sloping surface without a ridge.\

Sole/Exclusive Agency
A sole or exclusive agency precludes all other agents from working on the disposal of the property, although another agent may approach the sole agent if the former has a suitable client. But even then the sole agent would finalize the deal.

Special Condition
A condition that must be met before the contract is legally binding. For example, if buying a home the purchaser may specify that the contract is not legally binding until the purchaser has obtained a building inspection and been satisfied by the report.

Strata Title
A title to a unit or lot on a plan of subdivision associated with townhouses, units and blocks of flats and based on the horizontal and vertical subdivision of air space. Owners have a certificate of title, are absolute owners of a freehold flat and have an undivided share of the common property.

A tract of land divided into individual lots for a housing development.

A drawing or map showing the precise legal boundaries of a property, the location of improvements, easements, rights of way, encroachments, and other physical features.

The right to occupy a property under agreed terms and conditions.

Tenants in Common
A type of joint tenancy in a property where two or more purchasers own a property in unequal shares. If one dies, his or her shares pass to his or her beneficiaries under the terms of the will. The shares can be sold without consultation of the other owners.

A process of selling, calling for purchasers to make their best offers in writing for that property by a given date.

A legal document evidencing a person’s right to or ownership of a property.

Title Search
A check of the title records to ensure that the seller is the legal owner of the property and that there are no other claims or outstanding.

A dwelling unit, generally having two or more floors and attached to other similar units via party walls. Can be Strata or Cross lease titled.

A document registered at the Land Titles Office and noted on the Certificate of Title which verifies the change of ownership of a property.

A person who holds or controls property for the benefit of another.
Unconditional Agreement
The legal contract that binds both the purchaser and the seller to settle on the agreed date at the agreed price. It is either not subject to any conditions or those conditions have already been satisfied. You should only consider entering an unconditional agreement if and when you are absolutely sure you want to buy a particular property and you already have the full purchase price or 'pre-approved' loan finance from a lender. You should also be confident that there are no other issues or requirements that must be satisfied before you are committed to purchase the property. An unconditional agreement commits you to purchasing the property.

Under License
Early possession of the property before settlement with the permission of the vendor. This usually involves the payment of rent.

Supports placed under an existing wall to provide added strength.

Unsecured Loan
A loan that is not backed up by assets or guarantee.

The private or public service facilities such as gas, electricity, telephone, water and sewer that are provided as part of the development of the land.

A written analysis of the estimated value of a property prepared by a qualified valuer.

The person or entity legally authorized to sell a property.

Having no legal force or effect. Unenforceable.
Wall cavity
The space between the inner and outer sections of a wall.

Water Course
A natural stream of running water being fed by a natural source such as a stream or river.

Wish List
Think of a wish list as the criteria for your perfect home. While it’s rare to find everything you’d like in the house you finally purchase, sitting down and making a wish list will help you find the house, which most closely matches your dream.

A notation made by an individual who has not learned to write or physically unable to write, to show intent to sign an instrument such as a deed or will. In regard to the conveyance of real property, such a person would be required to make such a mark or at least a thumbprint as intent to sign and have it witnessed.

The interest earned or return by an investor on an investment, stated as a percentage of the amount invested.

Local authority guidelines for the permitted use of land.

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Real Estate Terms & it's meaning (Q & R)

Aasha Realtors Neeta Shah
Aasha Realtors  Neeta Shah

Qualified Buyer

A buyer who has satisfied a lender that he or she is financially able to qualify 

for a loan. Qualifying the buyer is one of the primary steps taken by the 

lender as part of the loan process.


Part of the framework of the roof, the rafters slope down from the ridge to the eaves.

Real Estate Agent

A person or Company licensed to negotiate and transact the sale or lease of 

real estate on behalf of the property owner.


The process of paying off one loan with the proceeds from a new loan using 

the same property as security.

Requisitions on Title

A process where the buyer requests additional information about the title of 

the property from the vendor.

Reserve Price

The minimum price which a seller will accept at auction.

Resource Consents

Resource consents are necessary when a group or individual wishes to carry 

out an activity or development that may have some effect on the 

environment. Resource consents relate directly to the rules set out in the 

District or Regional Plans and the Resource Management Act and are 

different to Building Consents.

Right of First Refusal

A provision in an agreement that gives a party the first opportunity to 

purchase or lease the property before it is offered for sale or lease to others.

Right of Survivorship

In, the right of the survivors to acquire the interest of a deceased joint estate.

Right of Way

A right of one property or the general public for access to or across another 


Rise and Fall clause

This clause may be contained in a building contract. It provides for an 

upward or downward contract price which correlates to the movement of 

prices, wages or other factors specified in the clause.

Roof Pitch

The slope of the roof.

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