Saturday, August 17, 2013

Real Estate Term & it's meaning (O)

Manish Sheth
Manish Sheth  

Off The Plan

To purchase a property before it is completed 

after having only seen the plans.


Conveyed intent by one party to form a contract, 

which may have conditions and stipulations, 

with another party.


A process of calling for offers on the property, 

usually required by a certain date.

Offset Account

An account linked to a mortgage account so that 

the interest earned is applied to reduce the 

interest on the mortgage.


The Banking Industry Ombudsman is the 

avenue through which a customer can make a 

complain about their bank and have it dealt with 


Ongoing Fee

A loan maintenance fee charged regularly over 

the life of the loan.

Open Space

Land which has not had improvements such as 

buildings and other structures added to it. Such 

land is often left in a subdivision by a developer 

or stipulated by a local authority for recreational 

use or for personal use by the owner
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