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Estamping It's Features and Benifits

Neeta Shah
Neeta Shah


Q.  What is e-Stamping?
A. e-Stamping is a computer based application and a secured 

electronic way of stamping documents. It’s an electronic way 

of paying stamp duty to the  Government.

Q.  What are the features of E-Stamping :
A. On-line Stamp Duty Certificate can be generated within 

minutes Stamp Certificate generated is tamper proof
Its a secured electronic payment gateway to the Government
Authenticity of the Certificate can be checked through its 

inquiry module.
Stamp Certificate generated has a Unique Identification 

Number (UIN).Specific denomination is not required.

Q.  What are the benefits of E-Stamping?      
A. Easy accessibility and faster processing
Security, Cost savings, User friendly, Hassle free maintenance

Q.  What is Unique Identification Number (UIN) ?      
A. UIN is a Stamp Certificate number mentioned on the Stamp
Certificate. Anybody, having the Unique Identification 

number, can check the authenticity of the Certificate through .
 Q.   What is a CRA?      
A. CRA stands for Central Record Keeping Agency. STOCK 


only CRA appointed by the Government of India.

Q.  What is the role of CRA?      
A.  The Central Record Keeping Agency is responsible for User
Registration, Imprest Balance Administration and overall E-

Stamping Application Operations and Maintenance. CRA will 

appoint ACC’s and Travelling Vendors who will issue 

Certificates to the clients at their counters.

Q. What do you mean by ACC?
A.  ACC menas Authorised Collection Centre (ACC). Its an 

agent appointed by SHCIL. ACC is the intermediary between 

the CRA and Stamp Duty payer.

Q. Who can become ACCs?
A. Bank & Financial Institutions, Law firms, Chartered 

Accountant Firms, Professionals

Q. What is Registration process of ACC?
A.  ACC should submit the application form along with the

 necessary proofs as mentioned in the application form. ACCs 

need to pay a nominal registration fee and interest free 

security deposit. ACCs need to maintain a running imprest 


Q. How will I get a Stamp Certificate?
A.  The client has to approach an ACC appointed by SHCIL and

 fill up  the application form as prescribed in the e-Stamping 

system. Stamp Certificate is generated only after realization of


Q. When will I get the Stamp Certificate from ACC?
A. After submitting a duly filled application form, the ACC will

 enter the details into the system and a Stamp Certificate 

would be generated immediately in case of cash and in case of

 Cheque/ Demand Draft/ Pay order only after realization of 


Q. After generating the Certificate, can I cancel the Stamp

A.  For cancellation you need to get in touch with the

 Competent Authority at the Stamp Office appointed by the

 State Government.


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