Refuge areas are such areas in a building where people can take shelter in case of a fire. These areas are often misused by Developers who surreptitiously convert them into habitable areas. Many Builders are known to sell these areas to buyers who then illegally utilize them as part of their apartments.
May it be commercial or residential; the buildings with the height of nine floors in Mumbai city shall be categorized under high rise buildings. Also, the Terrace Floor of the building will be considered as “Refuge Area”
The new Rules stipulate that a Refuge Area will have to be provided at every 7th habitable floor after the first 24 meters of the high rise building. The Refuge Area shall be provided within building line at floor level. In case of high rise buildings having height more than 30 meters, the first Refuge Area shall be provided at 24 meters or 1st habitable floor, whichever is higher. Thereafter, the Refuge Area shall be provided at every 7th habitable floor.
The Refuge Area shall have a door which shall be painted or fixed with a sign in luminous paint mentioning "REFUGE AREA". The rules further stated that refuge areas will be designated exclusively for the use of occupants as temporary shelter and for the use of Fire Brigade Department or any other Organization dealing with fire or other emergencies and also for exercises/drills if conducted by the Fire Brigade Department.
REFUGE AREA can not be use for birthday party or other event carry out like yoga class , Indoor game like Table tennis, carrom room etc. Refuge area should be remain vacant 24 x 7 for any emergency. Society has to clean this area once in 7 days. It is found that many society give this flat for party , one day accommodation for gust or conducting classes which is not permitted as per fire & safety act 2005 MC can go to JAIL if some member complaint and proved that MC has rented this area.
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