Tuesday, February 3, 2015

How To Get Copy Of Lost Sale Deed

A copy of the deed can be obtained. However, it requires you as to follow a systematic set of procedures. There are some steps that need to be undertaken sequentially to acquire the copy.
* File a regular police complaint at the local police station about the loss of the deed.
* Issue a notice in a newspaper wherein the content talks about - The loss of the deed and asking for information in case anyone finds it.
* You need to then get in touch with the sub-registrar’s office, in the relevant jurisdiction, to obtain a certified copy of the original sale deed.
* A letter written requesting the copy needs to be submitted, along with the relevant Application Form No. 22.
* The application Form  No. 22 needs to be filled with all the relevant details. The form itself can be downloaded from the department's website or alternately can be got from the sub-registrar’s office.
* The documents that need to be attached to the application include your identity proof, police complaint and other old documents proving that the property  is owned by you. This could include documents like ration card, Aadhar card, passport, electricity bill or water bill or any official document that proves you owner of the property.
* The sub-registrar’s department charges a nominal fee for the first 10 pages of the copy. Each subsequent page is charged separately on a per page basis.
* It is absolutely essential to keep all the papers: the police complaint, the newspaper notice and the copy of the deal together.
* You can ask the builder to provide you the copies of allotment, receipts, letters and other legal documents.
* There is a waiting period before legal documents or their copies are given. This is primarily to ensure greater security to both the government agency and the owner when it comes to important documents like these.
It is a long and tedious process to get these documents. There are private companies that provide this as a service for a fee, which could be leveraged in case you so desire.

Aasha Realtors- Neeta Shah