Monday, September 29, 2014

Tips While Selecting Brand Name For Your Company.

Your brand name will have an impact on the success of your business. When working on your naming strategy, make sure that you cover every possible base to boost your odds of success.
Make your brand name positive, memorable and visually appealing. Be sure that a domain name exists that will align with your brand and don’t make audiences work too hard to figure out what your brand is all about.
Make sure the brand name you choose doesn’t already exist. You don't want your audience to have to choose between two companies with the same name.
Duplicate brand names can also lead to legal issues, especially in related industries. Be sure to do an extensive around the name you are considering.
Be different. Find something meaningfully unique.
Even with a properly executed brand development strategy, your brand won’t become a household sensation overnight. You’ll want to draft a brand name that provides a hint to your target audience about what your business actually does. This property will not only give clear definition but also could make your business easier to find.

Choose your words carefully during this phase of your brand development strategy. Different words can have different connotations to different people. You’ll want to make certain that your brand name is composed of strong, positive or descriptive words that won’t trigger any types of negative emotion. Your business doesn’t want that type of association. Be sure to check the meaning of the name in the languages and regions you intend to do business in.

A number of studies have suggested that individuals have a larger capacity for remembering that which they see over that which they hear. Adding a visual element to your brand name could up your odds of being recalled when a purchase decision is on the table. This could mean using words that spark imagination or displaying the name in a visually unique way in the logo.
The color of your brand name may also play a factor in the consumer’s reaction. Color creates a strong emotional association that can work for or against your brand. For instance, red induces high energy while green insinuates calmness and growth.
During the naming process ask yourself, what does this name look like? Does the image stand out in a positive way?
You’ll want to consider pronunciation, spelling and length as a priority when entering into the naming phase of your brand development strategy.
If the name is too difficult to spell, it will be hard to type into search engines or other platforms as people search for your brand. If the name is too long, customers will struggle to remember it correctly.

The domain name is a critical element to the success of your brand.
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