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TDR Meaning



Transfer of Development Rights (TDR) means making available certain amount of additional built up area in lieu of the area relinquished or surrendered by the owner of the land, so that he can use extra built up area either himself or transfer it to another in need of the extra built up area for an agreed sum of money.

2. Purpose of TDR:

The process of land acquisition in urban areas for public purpose
especially for road widening, parks and play grounds, schools etc., is complicated, costly and time consuming. In order to minimize the time needed and to enable a process, which could be advantageously put into practice to acquire land for reservation purposes mentioned above.

3. Legal Basis for TDR:

The Government of Karnataka felt it necessary to amend the K.T.C.P Act 1961 in order to empower the local bodies (Corporations / Planning Authorities) to permit additional FAR for the land handed over free of cost whenever such lands are required for road widening, and / or for formation of new roads or for development of parks, playgrounds and other civic amenities etc. As a result the Government has inserted a new section
14B in the K.T.C.P Act 1961.

4. Development Rights Certificate (DRC), whether Transferable /Inheritable:

If the owner of any land which is required for road widening for formation of new roads or development of parks, play grounds, civic amenities etc., those proposed in the plan shall be eligible for the award of Transferable Development Rights. Such award will entitle the owner of the land in the form of a Development Rights Certificate (DRC). Which he may use for himself or transfer to any other person.

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