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What is deemed Conveyance?

 What is  deemed Conveyance?
The Builder/ Developer is legally required to convey the 
land and the building within 4 months of  formation to  
the society or  any legal body of the flat purchasers.  
However, it has been the experience that many 
Builders/Developers have not conveyed the land and 
building to the legal bodies. Therefore, government has 
amended the Maharashtra Ownership Flats 
Act, 1963 (MOFA) and provided for the deemed 
conveyance in favour of the legal bodies. Under the 
provision, deemed conveyance means after the expiry 
of 4 months of formation of the legal body, the land and 
building is deemed to have been conveyed to the legal 
body and to bring the same in the revenue record, a 
Competent Authority has been designated 
who will hear the parties on the basis of applications 
received from the aggrieved party and transfers the title 
in favour of the legal body by passing the necessary 
order and deemed conveyance certificate and appoint 
an authorized officer to execute the conveyance deed 
in favour of the society and execute on behalf of  non 
co-operative builder or the land owner. Getting the title 
of land and building by adopting the above procedure is 
known as deemed conveyance.
 Documents needed for deemed conveyance.
i) The registered Agreement for sale entered into with the             
promoter/opponent party
ii) 7/12 Extract and Village form No.6 (Mutation entries)
iii) Property card,
iv) Location Plan
v) City survey plan  or survey plan from the revenue department.
vi) Layout Plot plan approved by the local authority
vii) Architect certificate about the entitlement of 
undivided interest in the entire Layout Plot, common 
areas and the facilities by each of the entity or the 
structure constructed or to be constructed on such 
Layout Plot.
viii) Latest Title and Search Report for last 30 years 
from an advocate,
ix)  Non-Agricultural Order
x)   Certificate under Urban Land Ceiling Act, 1976
xi)  Building/ Structure Plan approved by the appropriate        
xii) Commencement Certificate,
xiii) Completion Certificate,
xiv) Occupation Certificate,
xv)  List of  Flat Purchasers
xvi) Proof of payment of Stamp Duty
xvii)Proof of Registration, etc. ,
xviii)Development agreement  or power of attorney or 
agreement for sale executed by the landlord with the 
promoter for development or for transferring the right, 
title and the interest in the land in favour of the 
xix) Any other land or building related documents 
papers in support of the application.
xx) Legal notices send to the Promoter and other 
interested parties to execute the conveyance deed or 
declaration as provided under Maharashtra Apartments 
Act, 1970 in favour of the applicant/s.
xxi) Draft conveyance deed / Declaration proposed to 
be executed in favour of the applicant.
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